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Liberté Lifestyles is....

liberrte freedom

Liberté (pronouned lee behr tay) is a french word meaning freedom. Liberte Lifestyles LLC is a company founded on the desire to have the freedom to choose, to do what we want with our lives, to be able to buy products we love - products that fit your life and your style. To have it all!


I am Nicole Cowell, the owner and founder of Liberte Lifestyles LLC. I am an avid Crossfitter, Mom and fashion addict. One day I realized I just couldn't get products that my friends and I really liked. From this realization Liberte Lifestyles was born.


For me personally Liberte Lifestyles also represents personal freedom. I decided to leave the Corporate Executive world and choose my own freedom with this company. Choosing a lifestyle filled with family, CrossFit and business under my own terms.


My goal is to bring together the concepts of freedom, life and style. Bringing you fitness products that support you in everyday movements and training. Products that help you train harder and reach your personal best. Bringing you products that look good and that make you feel great.


We wear these products in training almost every day and we all want to look good....even those who say they don't care really do!  Our range will be filled with excellent training products in styles and prints that you will LOVE.  Products developed and tested by engineers, elite level athletes and those with an eye for style.

I hope you love our range!


We always want to hear what our customers think of us and our products (and give us suggestions for what you'd like to see next) so please drop me a line at if you want to get in touch.


Here's to Training Hard, Looking Good and Feeling Great!


Nicole is a CrossFit Masters athlete who placed 120th in the world after the Masters Qualifiers in 2016. She has competed with her team at Pacific Regionals and is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. She has a bachelors Degree in Engineering (Chemical, Honours Class 1) and  a Masters in Business Administration (Australian Graduate School of Management and Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania). She has held Senior Executive positions in Strategy and General Management for some of Australia's biggest companies and has also owned her own businesses - a gym and now Liberte Lifestyles LLC. With the Liberte Lifestyles range she brings her business skills and her passion for CrossFit and fashion together. "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life".Liberte Lifestyles Director Owner Nicole Cowell