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Liberte Ambassador Program Information & FAQ

Thanks for your interest in joining our ambassador program. Here is some general information on the program.  

Important  Dates

Applications are currently closed and we are not actively seeking new ambassadors right now. However, we do review the the program from time to time so if you would like to be considered during our next review please submit an application here 

I am unable to give an exact date of when the next review will take place but you will be on the list if you apply.

Benefits of the Program

  • Ambassador programs are a win/win for us and you
  • We want ambassadors who love our products and want to share their love with their friends, family and followers
  • In return ambassadors will be able to earn 10% commission on all sales from their friends and followers
  • Each ambassador will get a unique link and discount code – customers get 10% off their orders using the code and the ambassador gets 10% of the sale paid as commission
  • Commissions are paid monthly as either store credit or as cash into your paypal account
  • The more you share and promote the more potential sales and the more commission
  • Be featured on our social media pages – we want to share your pics, videos and posts with our followers
  • To kick the program off ambassadors will also have the opportunity to purchase products at 50% off for a limited time - these purchases will not be included in commission calculations. 

Who are we looking for?

You don’t need to be a celebrity or an elite athlete. We are looking for everyday people, of all shapes and sizes, who love our products and are happy to share this love on their social media accounts….and earn some commission for doing so!

To get the most benefit of the program we are looking for people who want to take photos wearing our apparel or using our accessories and sharing this regularly on their social media. The more you share the more potential there is to earn. 

Ambassadors also get additional benefits and access to giveaways through our Ambassador Facebook group.


Membership Period

Ambassadors will get reviewed annually at the end of each calendar year. Continuing as an ambassador into the following calendar year is not guaranteed.



An ambassador can cancel their account at any time for any reason. If you want to cancel please email Nicole at and I will process the cancellation for you.

We reserve the right to cancel any ambassador account at any time. Any commissions due at the date of cancellation will get paid as part of normal payment timelines.

If an ambassador account is inactive for a period of 3 months (ie no commissions are earned over a 3 month period) the account will also be closed.


How do I earn commissions?

You will earn a 10% commissions on sales earned when friends, family or followers use your affiliate link or use your discount code to make a purchase.

All ambassadors will receive a discount code that is unique to them and that code will provide 10% off to anyone who uses that code at checkout. The app tracks use of the code and will pay commission on all sales using the code.

All ambassadors will also have a unique affiliate link that they can share with their followers. When someone makes a purchase using this link the app will also track sales and calculate a commission.

Commissions are paid on product purchases only – you do not earn commission on shipping or taxes paid on an order.

Commissions are not paid on product returns. If a customer makes a subsequent return on an order the commission amount for the returned items will be deducted. There is a 30 day return window for customers and commissions will be paid at the end of the following calendar month to allow for returns to be processed.


How are payments made?

Commission payments can be made as either store credit or via paypal - no other payment options are available at this time.

Payments will get processed on a monthly basis and will get processed by the last day of the following month. For example, in March we will review all ambassador program sales during February and process the commission payments by the 31st of March. Commissions will get paid on all sales less any customer returns - customers have a 30 day return window and we need to allow time for any returns to be made before payment of commissions. 


How do I track sales & commissions

Our ambassador program is managed by an app. When you apply you will create an account and answer a few simple questions. If successful this account will be approved and it will be where you can manage your personal details, payment information, track sales and see commission information.

You will get automatic email notifications whenever a sale is made using your code. You can then log in to your account to see the details. There is full transparency with the whole process making it simple and easy. 


Can I make personal purchases?

Yes. You can use your discount code for personal purchases. These purchases will be included in you commission calculations so you will effectively get 20% off - 10% off using the code and a further 10% paid in commission.

To get the program started we will also be offering ambassadors the opportunity to purchase products at 50% off for a limited time - these purchases will not be included in commission calculations. 


Liberte Ambassador Program Facebook Group

We have created a private facebook group for ambassadors. We will share news, ideas and get feedback so please join the group so we can communicate and share together.

Here is the link to the group or you can search for the Liberte Ambassador Program group and request to join.


Other questions?

Please reach out to Nicole via email at


Interested and want to apply?

Click here to start your application.