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Buying for someone else? Need sizing help?

Nicole Cowell Gifts size size guide sizing sizing for others


It is that time of year when we are buying gifts for others. If you are planning to buy a gift for someone else and you are not 100% sure about their size then read on for some tips and suggestions.


Liberte Lifestyles Knee S;eeve Sizing for Others Gifts


The best way to size knee sleeves is to measure the circumference of the knee and compare this to our size chart. However, we know measuring for a gift isn't possible so here are a few thoughts for estimating the best size:

  • Our sleeves should be very similar sizing to other brands. So if you know what size knee sleeves they have worn before, that would a great place to start.

  • If you had to guess someone's knee sleeve size based off their pants size you would probably get close. I am a S/M in pants and I can wear either a Small or Medium in knee sleeves. The only exception to this would be if the person has unusually small or large knees and in that case you may want to size up or down.

  • Knee sleeves are meant to be tight in order to give compression and support to the knees - if you think a person is in between two sizes then sizing down is recommended.


Liberte Lifestyles Apparel


  • We try our very best to have true to size sizing on apparel.
  • If you know the person's normal shirt size then stick with that 


Liberte Lifestyles Wrist Wraps


Wrist wraps are one size which means they are a perfect gift! They are adjusted with velcro so the wearer can adjust them easily so they fit as loose or as tight as they like.


Liberte Lifestyles Calf Sleeves


Calf sleeves are for rope climbs and box jumps. Calf sleeves are mostly worn for protection and not compression and because of this they do not need to be as perfectly sized as knee sleeves. 

Calf sleeves can be sized by measuring around someone's calf and comparing this to our size chart but if this isn't possible then we recommend sizing off their pants size.

The model in the above pic is wearing a Medium.


Liberte Lifestyles Returns and Exchanges


We also know that despite your best efforts you might get the size wrong or the fit might not be quite right. If this happens please email Nicole at to organize a return or exchange.

We will accept returns and exchanges on all gift purchases until 31st January 2020 so there is no need to worry if the size isn't quite right. All items should be unworn (tried on is ok but we can't accept returns for items that have been trained in!).

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