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Getting back into training post vacation

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Getting back into training post vacation is tough. 

  • You may have put on some weight
  • You probably didn't do much exercise 
  • You probably drank more than you usually do
  • You probably ate more than you usually do
  • You probably did all of the above!

But you hopefully you did relax, recuperate, recover and revive the soul.


The problem comes when we get back to the real world. It is hard enough getting back into work let alone think about going back to the gym and resuming training.


We have all been there. We know going back to the gym is going to be HORRIBLE.

  • You are going to feel weak.
  • You are going to feel slow.
  • You are going to feel like you can't breath.
  • You are going to feel heavy.
  • You may feel embarrassed that you have gone backwards

All of the above are real and will probably happen. So what do a lot of people do? They delay going back. They put it off, saying to themselves "I am too busy today" or "I am tired from travelling/jet lag, I will try and go tomorrow". Sometimes that delay grows from one day to one week to one month and sometimes forever.


Don't be THAT person. Be the person that gets back into it as soon as they get back - the same day or the very next. Be THE DEDICATED person.


Yes you will feel like crap, but you will feel worse delaying another day or another week.


Tackle the discomfort head on. The sooner it is faced the sooner things improve. Walk into the gym knowing you won't have your best workout, in fact it could be one of your worst.  The only goal is showing up and getting that body moving. 


It really won't take long to get back to where you were - maybe a week, depending on how long you were away for. Just start and keep going. 


Live your life, enjoy the down time and just start when you get back.


Happy summer!

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