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Just work on one thing

Nicole Cowell


If you are anything like me you will have a long list of things you want to improve. This may be in any part of your life but my longest list is definitely a fitness list. You'd think after a few years the list would get smaller but it never really does - you keep wanting more and to do better.


The problem with having a long list of things to work on is that it is very hard to improve them all at the same time. Or if you do, the improvement is so small that it just isn't satisfying.  What works best for me is to just choose one thing and work on that.


Improvement requires dedication, it requires focus, it requires practice. Not once a month or every now and again, but 2-3 times a week focus and dedication. It is impossible to work on 10 things multiple times  a week but everyone can find 5 minutes, 3 times a week to work on that one thing.


The benefit of focusing on that one thing is you will usually see noticeable improvements quickly. With those improvements we can experience those proud moments, those moments of satisfaction that we have achieved something we couldn't do before. It is those moments that keep us motivated. Keep us feeling like we are winning!


If you try to do too much, any improvements will be tiny and most likely not really noticeable. You will feel like you are never getting anywhere and not ticking anything off your list. The reality is you are progressing but not fast enough for it to bring any real satisfaction. Then we lose motivation because we feel like we can't do it, we aren't as good as other people and so on. A spiral of thoughts and emotions all because we just tried to do too much.


I challenge you to give it a go. Choose one thing and commit to working on it and it alone in the month of June. You just might be surprised what you can do.


Happy training!

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