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The Open is Over - What do you need to focus on in the next 11 months?

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The Open is over. Whether you love it or hate it, it is what most of us train for. That one time a year where we really get to push ourselves and see how we measure up.  You probably had some great workouts and some horrible ones. You might be happy with how you did or you might be very disappointed. In either case, now that it is over, it is a good time to reflect on your own performance and ask yourself some tough questions. 


1. What did you do well?


2. What did you do poorly?


3. Were there are any surprising strengths?


4. Were there any surprising weaknesses?


5. What are the top 3 things you need to work on in the next 12 months?


6. What is your plan to address those 3 things?


7. What can you do right now to start to work on them?


8. Are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve those goals?


Now is the time to be honest with yourself about how you really did and what you really want to achieve. So many times, I have seen people say “I am going to get my muscle-ups for next year” or “next year I am going to Rx every workout” and then proceed to do nothing extra to improve themselves over the next 11 months.


Sure, going to classes will help but it isn’t the whole story. If you are really serious about ticking off a goal then you need to do the work and get that extra credit. Skills don’t develop during a WOD, they need to be honed and refined and practiced outside of classes when you aren’t breathing heavy and aren’t fatigued. Or they might not be achieved in the gym at all but may be made in the kitchen! Losing those 10 lbs will do wonders for your pull-up ability!!


Use the Open experience to give you that push you need to get going. Achieving those firsts is hugely rewarding but you can’t get the reward if you don’t do the work. So make some time today and get started! The clock is ticking and another year will be over before we know it!!


Be the person who did what they said they would do, not that person that wishes they would’ve tried harder.


Happy training everyone!


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