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Nicole Cowell changes liberte lifestyles store news update

Some things have been changing behind the scenes at Liberte Lifestyles.

Liberte Lifestyles is a small business, owned and operated by me. I started this business in Toronto, Canada and have been living and breathing it ever since. In addition to the business I also have a family, husband and children. As a family we recently decided to relocate to the US to pursue an opportunity with my husband's career. It was difficult decision for us, and for me in particular as I loved Canada and did not want to leave. After much discussion, it was agreed that we would move and experience life in the US.

Moving the family also means moving the business to the US. I have been very nervous about the whole process as I have so many amazing Canadian customers who have supported me and Liberte Lifestyles from the beginning and I did not want to disappoint them with the move. I have been working hard from behind the scenes to try and make things as seamless as possible but there are some changes.

As of today we have made some changes to the website. The main changes are that our website pricing is now showing in US dollars and we are now shipping from Des Moines in Iowa.

For our US customers the change only brings good things - you can now buy in US dollars which makes things a lot easier and you will get your orders a lot faster (2-3 days to most areas). We will continue to offer free shipping on orders over $50 within the US so nothing changes there.

For our Canadian customers the changes are bigger - you will now buy in US dollars (not as convenient I know) but you will no longer get HST/GST added at checkout. However, there is the possibility you will get charged duty/taxes at import. Shipping time will also be a little longer coming from Iowa. I am continuing to work with shipping providers to provide the best service and will keep working to improve what I can but in the end I recognize that shipping from the US won't be the same as shipping from within Canada and this is a negative impact of this move. I will still be offering free shipping to Canada for orders over $50 so that remains unchanged.

For our other international customers, the changes should be fairly minimal as you are now buying in US dollars and we are still shipping internationally it will just be from the US.

This has been a big move for me personally and for Liberte Lifestyles. I wanted to be transparent will all our amazing customers about what the changes are and the impacts. I want to thank all of you who have ordered from Liberte Lifestyles so far and I hope we can continue to bring you fun and stylish training products into the future from our new home in the US midwest.

Happy training everyone!

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