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What's in your gym bag?

Nicole Cowell training

If you are like me you have a gym bag that contains everything but the kitchen sink! I keep everything in my gym bag all the time - so that I am prepared and ready for any WOD that could come up. Plus I regularly do extras or get roped into doing things with others so you always have to be prepared.


I've been training for about 6 years now. I have tried, worn or used everything under the sun over the years. There has been lots of trial and error, lots of things I've bought and tried and thrown away because I just didn't like them (hello hand grips).  Here is a list of my favorites and what is in my gym bag right now:

  1. Lifting shoes - Nike Romaleos are my fave right now. I use my lifters only when I am doing heavy lifts. I try to avoid wearing them when lifting light but when it's heavy and I need the stability they come out.

  2. Lifting belt - I have a Schiek belt that is 5+ years old. I try to only use it when I am lifting 80%+.

  3. Knee Sleeves - of course I am a little biased on these but I have worn knee sleeves for over 5 years. I wear them whenever I do any movement that involves squats (heavy lifts or high rep squats like wall balls), lunges, box jumps or burpees.

  4. Calf Sleeve - for rope climbs. I have one that I wear on my right leg when I rope climb. I used to wear two socks but I still got rope burn. When I started this business I wanted to add a product that protected shins better and my calf sleeve line was born. I haven't had a rope burn since.

  5. Wrist Wraps - I don't wear wrist wraps a lot as I don't generally have wrist issues but I do wear wrist wraps when I am doing heavy Overhead Squats. 

  6. Hang Grips for Bar work. I searched for years to find something that I liked (I spent lots of money trying out everything but would always throw them out!). Most products were just too thick for me and I couldn't get the feel on the bar that I liked. The only 2 products that I have ever liked are Wodies and The Natural Grip grips. I loved the natural grip ones but they wore out too fast on me and so ended up costing $$$. Recently I purchased some Wodies and it is so far so good. They are thin enough that I can still get the feel on the bar and they aren't wearing out. If given a choice I still prefer a bare hand but if the reps are super high and I need some hand protection the Wodies are my preference now.

  7. Thumb Protection - I am now wearing Nubs. I don't use these all the time but if I am doing a high rep snatch wod I find my thumbs will graze. I used to tape them but decided to give the Nubs a try. They have cute little case so I don't lose them and it is so far so good on them too.

  8. Band Aids and Tape - for when it does still go wrong and you need to tape up some hand damage! 

  9. Floss Band - I have an ongoing shoulder injury and when my shoulder gets angry after muscle up work I pull out the floss band and use it on my shoulder. It helps a lot in getting blood flowing so I have one in my gym bag at all times now.

  10. Skipping Rope - I actually have 2 in my gym bag. I have an old faithful that I use all the time but have a new 2nd one that is there in the event that my old faithful finally decides to die on me. Everyone should have their own rope (having a rope that fits your height perfectly is critical if you want to master double unders).

  11. PR Record Sheet - I have most of my PRs in my head but sometimes I need to pull out my sheet to double check. I would hate to have a PR go uncelebrated!

I think that is about it - needless to say it is a very large and full gym bag! 

Happy training everyone & good luck to those competing in the Open!

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Nicole Cowell
Owner - Liberte Lifestyles 

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