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Why EVERYONE should film themselves training

Nicole Cowell coaching training weighlifting

I am a big fan of filming yourself in training. Not because you want to watch yourself but because you want to learn and improve. A coach can tell you something you are doing wrong...

"you are raising your butt before the barbell leaves the need to slow down that stripper butt" ... [ok so this was a common one for me]

But until you watch it for yourself you will never quite understand. Even when you think you are fixing the problem they have identified you should watch again. Chances are you haven't fixed it at all. Chances are it has improved a tiny amount but it is still a problem.

Through watching yourself coaching will make more sense, you will see problems you didn't know you had and you may see things you thought you were bad at that are surprisingly good.

It doesn't matter if you are brand new or have been training for years. EVERYONE can learn something from watching themselves. It may something huge or it may be something tiny but you will learn SOMETHING.

Now for the self conscious people out there I know it can be daunting and weird and not your style at all. But these videos can be for your eyes only. Get a coach or friend to film you or take a moment in a quiet corner of the gym and film yourself on your phone. Put aside the self consciousness and do it! You will be amazed at what you can learn.

Get your phone out, start filming and start improving!


Happy training everyone.

Liberte Lifestyles Director Owner Nicole Signature


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