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10 Things Fitness has given me...

Nicole Cowell


Fitness has changed my life in so many ways since I started 5 years ago. Here are a few of those things that this world of functional fitness has given me...


1. Given me a new appreciation for Gymnastics at the Olympics

We all know Olympic gymnasts are good but they really do make it look easy. It isn't until you actually try to do some of these things yourself do you realize how freaking hard they are. A ring muscle up isn't even a move in's just how they get up on the rings to start! For most of us mere mortals it takes years to get one ugly one!

2. Given me a new appreciation for Weightlifting at the Olympics

As per point 1 above, we all know Olympic Weightlifters are strong but lifting doesn't look that hard right? Just move the bar from the ground to above your head. Well once you start lifting you realize how complicated and technical all the lifts are - people spend years refining minute details of each movement. It is hard!!!

3. Given me the confidence to wear short shorts

5 years ago I simply wouldn't wear short shorts. I think many females out there can relate that we all have at least one part of our bodies we don't really like - for me that was my legs. Finally with this sport I have found something where having strong legs is a good thing and I just don't care as much anymore.

4. Helped me get my diet to a happy place

For years I saw people that maintained a lean physique all the time (not just for competition or shows or whatever) and I wondered how. I always seemed to yoyo around - never really finding that happy comfortable spot that I could maintain all the time and I never thought I would. Finally I have managed to get to that happy place. Now in my 40s and after having 2 children I continue to be the leanest I have ever been. 

5. Prevented loneliness

In 2015 my family and I relocated from Australia to Canada. Joining a new  gym automatically brings that community of like minded people. Almost all of the friends I have made are directly or indirectly due to this sport. Without it I know I would have a much lonelier life.


 6. Given me an achievement in the sporting field

I was not a sporty child. I wasn't particularly bad at sports I just didn't play a lot of sports. I guess you could say I was an academic student. Most of my 20s and early 30s were about academic and/or career achievements. Enter the sport of fitness at age 35 and my life is broadened with sporting/physical achievements. I like to think of myself as a well rounded person so adding sports to things I could accomplish was very fulfilling.

 7. Given me a business

People always say you need to find a job/career in an area you are passionate about. If I had not started I simply would not be running the business I am today. It is funny how the world works and things grow from the unexpected.

8. Given me that perpetual sporting goal

I have tried various sports through my adult life - running marathons, triathlons, Bodybuilding competitions, touch football and a few others. None of them seem to give me ongoing satisfaction. I got bored doing the same thing and I need goals to aim for. This sport has been a perfect fit for me - a physical challenge, a mental challenge with movements to learn and never ending goals. I have dips in my motivation from time to time but I can't say I have ever got bored.

9. Made buying pants and jackets very difficult

I have to say I have always had a problem buying pants (large thighs are not new for me) but the jacket problem is certainly a new problem.

Picking up a cute jacket in a store is great until you give it the shoulder test (ladies you know what I am talking about) and then it fails - I can hardly move my arms forward let along drive a car or reach for anything. I don't know how many jackets I have given away over the years. So the search for the elusive well fitting jacket or coat continues. 


10. Made shaving armpits very difficult!

I didn't realize this was a thing until I read it somewhere else. Shaving used to be straightforward but enter back and lat muscles and it is no easy feat maneuvering a razor into the armpit valleys! 

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