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Fitness is my Meditation

Nicole Cowell

I've read quite a few books lately that all seem to talk about meditation and how everyone should be doing it if you want to be successful/peaceful/happy. Whilst I am sure it is good for some people I just can't seem to get into it. To be totally honest I have never really tried so the issue really is that I can't even get motivated enough to try it out! One of the main reasons is that I just don't feel like I need it and I think it is because fitness is my meditation.

It may sound very strange and you may be thinking how could a high intensity training session with loud pumping music and barbells crashing to the floor all around you be anywhere close to meditation. Here's why I think it is:

  1. It is impossible to think about anything else besides what you are doing when you are Olympic lifting or learning a hard gymnastic skill - these things are a lot harder than they look and they require all your concentration and focus

  2. When you are counting your reps mid workout you are not thinking about the report you have due tomorrow or the ominous meeting with your boss

  3. When you are resting and trying to not die between reps you are not thinking about what you will make for dinner

  4. There is no one calling out "Mom" or "Dad" in the class

  5. For 1 hour you are only focused on what you are doing in that moment

  6. You spend at least 2 minutes at the end of every class having quiet time lying on the floor

  7. When you are finished, your mind is clear, your body is energized and you feel good about yourself

  8. And if you have been doing it for a while you build a new appreciation for what our bodies can do and you feel good about your accomplishments

Just to make sure I didn't have a totally incorrect view of what meditation was all about I looked up someone else's definition of meditation. In Wikipedia they define it as this:

"meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness".

Yup, fitness is my meditation.


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