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What are Calf Sleeves? Do I need them?

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You have probably seen people wearing knee sleeves around the gym but may not have seen many people wearing calf sleeves.  So what are they are do I need them?

What are Calf Sleeves?

Calf sleeves are a neoprene compression sleeve designed to be worn on your calf/shin. Similar to a knee sleeve they provide support, warmth, compression and cushioning to your calves and shins.

Do I need them?

Some people who have specific calf injuries may need to wear a calf compression sleeve as part of their injury management regime. For most people the benefit of a calf sleeve is in protection.

What do calf sleeves protect me from?

Ever done rope climbs and had a nasty rope burn on your shin? For many people wearing tights or socks just isn’t enough as the rope still creates marks and burns through socks and tights. The material is simply not thick enough to provide the protection you need. Enter the calf sleeve. Made from 5mm neoprene (think wetsuit material) they are thick enough to protect you from rope burn. They are designed to be worn just under the knee to the top of the ankle so you will get full protection of your shin – you won’t get a single mark on your shin wearing them.

The protection also extends to box jumps and barbell scrapes. If you are prone to scrapes and grazes from a box jump or barbell a calf sleeve can help. Box jump accidents can be bad. With 5mm of neoprene, a calf sleeve gives you that extra cushioning in the event of an accident. The compression benefits of the sleeve will improve circulation in your calves that will aid in recovery.


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