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What will you improve by the Open?

Nicole Cowell Goal setting open training


It’s now officially 4 weeks until the start of the 2017 Open.  It may not seem like a long time but a lot can be achieved in 4 weeks.

Is there a skill that you wanted to have by the Open? Is there a movement that you can do, but you just don’t have any stamina? All is not lost. You can improve a lot in 4 weeks if you work out a plan today and just start working on it.

Set the Goal

What is that one thing you would love to have or improve for the Open? Getting butterfly pullups? Linking toes to bar? Getting better at burpees?

For me, my issue is Toes to Bar (TTB). On paper, I should be great at them. I have a strong core, good strength for everything else but for some reason I have no TTB stamina and they breakdown fast. So my goal is to improve my TTB stamina as you can guarantee there will be a TTB workout in the Open.

Make the Commitment

Make the commitment to work on that goal, 3 times a week for the next 4 weeks. Chances are you won’t need a big time commitment. My commitment will only be an extra 5 minutes 3x a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Speak to a Coach and Work Out a Plan of How to Improve

It might be skill practice, it might stamina building work but if you aren’t exactly sure of how to go about achieving your goal talk to one of the coaches at your box and get their advice about what to do. Coaches love helping proactive people so do not hesitate in asking for their help!

For my TTB I am going to do EMOM work – 5 minutes Every Minute on the Minute doing unbroken sets of TTB. Starting with 10 reps and increasing once I can complete the 5 sets of 10 unbroken. 

Do the Work

No one can do the work for you. If you follow through on your commitment and do the work you will get better – guaranteed.

I started my TTB exercise 2 weeks ago and am up to sets of 12. Improvement will be there if you put in the effort.

Stay Consistent

Even if you feel frustrated or stuck then keep going – especially with skill work. It can feel like you are making no progress at times but you just never know when that breakthrough will come. Hang in there and be proud that you are working hard to improve yourself and your fitness. No effort is ever wasted.

Do your best and have fun!


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