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My Reflections mid Open

Nicole Cowell


We are a couple of weeks into the 2017 Open and as always I find it a very interesting time! Here are a few of my thoughts on a few different Open topics.

Scaled Doesn't Mean It Is Easy

The Open is the first step in finding the next Games athletes. That means Rx has to be hard and Scaled goes down from there. It's possible that many will not be able to do the scaled movements - that is just how it is. There are many Rx athletes struggling to get their first Bar Muscle Up and there should be many scaled athletes struggling to get their first pull-up. It is impossible for the Open to cater to every single person out there. For those who have been around a while we are thinking we are lucky no as there is a scaled category - there was no such thing a few years ago - if you couldn't do Rx 4 years ago you just stood there and tried your hardest!

For any scaled athletes who are frustrated they can't do movements - you need to use the frustration to get better. Everyone was a beginner once and everyone scaled movements at some point. If you want to get better you can - make that your challenge for the next year!


One & Done or Redo?

I don't think one is better or worse. In the end if something means that much to you and you want to try again you should feel no guilt in doing so. I'd like to say I would just do a workout once but that never happens because I always feel like I could change something and do a little bit better. This is the first year that I am admitting from the beginning that I will most likely do every workout twice. Does it matter in the scheme of things? Probably not. It may help me rise a few spots on the leaderboard but it doesn't fundamentally change where I sit - but I want to feel like I did my absolute best to try and make the masters qualifiers, so twice it is! And for those who do the one and done - I salute you too...I wish I could do it...but most of the time I can't & I'm ok with that!


Why do Personalities Change?

I don't understand why the Open changes some peoples personalities so much. Why do some people get so secretive about scores? It's all public knowledge Monday night anyway so what's the big deal in telling someone 2 days before? If they want to redo it and get a better score, who cares? We should all be encouraging and pushing each other, sharing lessons and tactics so we can all do better. It is ok to be competitive but let's keep it real - most of us are not going to the games, so be authentic and nice!


Why do People Cheat?

I don't mean one bro rep or an accidental miscount,  I mean full blown cheating. Why? Where is the satisfaction in saying you got X score or time when you did no such thing? The only way I could explain it is ego? In wanting people to think you are that good - but I still can't rationalize how that makes you feel good because you know you aren't that good. Or it's a win at all costs attitude even if it's not true. I guess there is cheating in every sport and this sport is no different and most of us will never understand why some people do it. Competition can bring out the best in some people and unfortunately the worst in others!


Life After The Gym

It is also important to remember that we all had a life before the gym and there will be a life after. If you are like me, you are lucky that this sport has brought so many amazing things and people into your life. But in the end we all have a non-gym life - family, friends, careers, hobbies. Don't lose sight of those during these 5 weeks!


Here's to the next 3 weeks of fun...I am personally hoping to see a Barbell soon!

Happy training!

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